PlanetReuse.com @ West Coast Green Conference

We had a great time at West Coast Green! We flew in to San Jose on Thursday and met with the EPA gals from the Lifecycle Building Challenge. We got the chance that night to have a happy hour with the group from the LCB2 !

Nathan and I got a great chance on Friday to hear Sarah Susanka, Hunter Lovins and others present on the future of green and hear their takes.

NB and BH also attended a green company marketing session. I had a question about how to market to break down industry perceptions...particularly in material reuse and was answered by education. So as such we take good advice to heart and look for us over the coming months to continue to market heavily to online communities and the blogosphere.

Thanks for Dan and Kent attending the Get into Green Event here in Kansas City. And we'll have to have DF give us the lowdown on how the event shook out.

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