PlanetReuse 2.5 goes live tonight at midnight!

We've taken your feedback and comments from other sustainably-minded designers and architects to introduced two new tools into the PlanetReuse online engine to help the end user find and source reclaimed and underutilized material for green building.

Our Material Brokering Services help architects and designers incorporate reused materials into their commercial and residential projects. With the relationships we have in place with our partners, PlanetReuse can help locate materials unavailable on the website to help complete your project. With the Request Materials form, you can place free requests on PlanetReuse to reduce the amount of legwork needed to find reused building material for LEED MR credits. We'll help connect you through our brokering services by sending samples to your doorstep. You can also View Material Requests other users have submitted online to help you grow your business and help divert construction material from landfill.

Although we're taking down our online Shop temporarily, we're introducing a tool to allow users to enter available materials they have and want to move through our material brokering services. Stay tuned for an update or simply visit http://www.planetreuse.com on November 12th to see the next evolution of PlanetReuse, connecting contractors, homeowners, architects, designers, architectural reclamation stores, and deconstruction professionals together for a bigger, better online sustainable tool.

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