Antique, Brass, Gas Lantern

The Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Waldo was recently gifted a beautiful, antique, outdoor sconce lantern.  We know how many antique lovers there are out there, so we thought we would share a few pictures of this collector's item.  

If you're interested in purchasing this one of a kind piece, head over to http://marketplace.planetreuse.com/itemDetails?id=67056# for information on how to contact the store. Profits go towards funding Habitat for Humanity's mission of providing low income families with decent, affordable housing to own.  

Item details:
  • 68 inches tall
  • Brass/Copper Lid, Iron bottom
  • Hand crafted at the turn of the century
  • Lantern is made of a single piece of blown glass (there is an almost undetectable, 6 inch crack on the back panel)
  • Gas Bracketed
  • Asking price: $700

The large, beautiful lamp 
Brass/Copper Top

Gas Bracket

The two distinct pieces

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