Inspiration Index: Armoires

Think of an armoire...quick, what comes to mind?  The image of a bulky, brown, outdated piece of furniture? A dull wardrobe with creaky doors or wobbly shelves? Something your great aunt Greta used to keep her girdles in? (No? Just us? Okay.)

It's time we changed the way we think about these fantastic pieces of furniture. Many have been around for decades, well-built and sturdy. Which means they are the perfect piece of clay from which to mold an incredible, repurposed project. Something which you'll look at and think, "Yep, I made that. And its awesome."

Ready to have your socks rocked? From wine storage to craft organization to a home office, prepare to be amazed by what a few simple updates can do, turning a commonplace cabinet into a dreamy DIY. The best part? It won't cost you an arm(oire) and a leg.

Perfect for storing bulky bedding 

Replace glass with mesh for a sweet, pastoral look 

Embrace your inner Rembrandt with a colorful, graffiti paint job

Get your baking ducks in a row with a stylish makeover

Repurpose an armoire into a chic hideaway home office

Add crisscross shelving for a mini bar that shakes and stirs

Love this clean, creative kid's closet, with a place for everything

Store your tools in this charming outdoor garden station 

This kitchen organizer is gorgeous and functional 

Use a painted armoire for a fun party prep station

Posted by: Sarah Rendo

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