We've all heard of houseboats, the floating ship/home hybrids that ride down a river or bob lazily in a lake. But what about boat houses? Some very enterprising builders have repurposed out-of-commision sloops, steamboats and skiffs into very interesting single family homes.

The result? Aquatic-themed abodes that will amaze and astound you.  And while plopping a yacht in the neighborhood might make you a feel like a fish out of water, we have a feeling these upcyclers think their creations are definitely something to "sea."

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Upcycled, overturned boats make adorable sheds!

Loving this landlocked boat-turned-house. 

Two boats are better than one house! 

A tugboat is recycled into a charming lake house.

A retired boat captain repurposed an old boat into a rustic seaside abode.

Would you believe this vacation hotel used to be an oil rig? 

The Apple Jack was lovingly restored by an upcycling pro. 

This hotel in thailand uses colorful recycled boats as guest rooms. 

A repurposed boat lends its shape to the roof of this tiny house. 
Posted by: Sarah Rendo

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