Out With The Old and In With the Old!

Happy 2014! As we start another year, we resolve to be more responsible, more mindful, more aware. We aim to make our impact on the earth a little less negative and the impact on our community a little more positive.  

Sounds serious, huh? Well, it doesn't have to be! We can do little things that have far reaching, happy consequences for our wallet, the planet and our style.  Read on, fellow reusers, for our list of ideas to make this our best year yet! 

2014 resolutions:

Bring your own bags. Not just to the grocery store but anywhere that you might be needing to stash your stuff. 

Before you buy new, think reuse. Could you find that item second hand? Or use reclaimed or reused materials to make it? We live in a "purchase, use, toss" society, where our tastes change with the season. Let the landfill breathe a little easier by avoiding those big box stores. Plus, the feeling one gets from making something with their own hands is priceless.

When throwing away, look closely at what you're tossing. Could that mason jar be a new pinterest-worthy project? Is there a nonprofit organization that would love those old clothes? How about a reuse center that would gladly take your gently used furniture or appliances?

Give your old stuff a second life by donating it to someone in need. 

Rehabbing? Think Reclaimed.  
Reclaimed building materials not only cut down on the cost of a rehab job, they add to the charm and history of your home. 

Tell your family's story through salvaged barn wood, repurposed brick or upcycled windows. Reclaimed materials can add a look that's vintage, rustic or cozy, and will make your house a place you'll truly call home. 

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